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“…a business that also maintains a focus on the daily needs of our community.”

For many years ago, we recognized the need in our communities to establish a business that not only provided services utilized by the key industries of our country but a business that also maintains a focus on the daily needs of our community. We have made our personal goal of finding ways to help, manage and fulfill the demanding task of various consumers.

We are fully dedicated to fulfill this task. Together, we can make things happen to look forward to fulfilling all of your service needs and helping our communities.


To create and develop high quality properties at more affordable price to compete with bigger local and international developers.


To provide affordable, quality and innovative properties that will enhance lifestyle.


R. Monterico Development Corporation

is a part of RMQ Group of Companies.  Under this group the following companies all excels at their own industry.

Message from the President

We have been in business for 14 years now. That is undoubtedly down to the ongoing support and understanding of our customers and business partners, and above all to the tireless hard work put in by our employees, who keep the company going on a daily basis.

“If I work hard, there will be people who will be happy”

 “We are here to provide, distribute, and market variety of environmentally safe and high quality Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Safety Products in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectation of our customers and its client.”

Having served as President primarily involves managing new and existing businesses and investment growth businesses.

To set the RMQ Group of Companies, on the road towards further growth in the face of fierce competition in several industries, we intend to create new growth engines and develop a powerful business model.

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